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About Ed Davis

In 1964, I started my first business while I was in High School and working as the Assistant Manager at a Retail Garden Center. After two years at the University of Kentucky, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Trained as an Electronics Technician in Research and Development, I had the privilege of working on Apollo Missions 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. During my eight-year enlistment, I traveled a great deal. During one of those trips, I met the young lady who was to become my wife, and the travel wasn’t nearly as much fun as being with Nancy.  When I left the Air Force I returned to school and completed my Master’s Degree in Management and Marketing. Since that time I have worked in Marketing, Management and Sales  positions in a number of different industries in both wholesale and retail.

Some highlights of my career include;
• Over 50 years’ experience in business
• Over 25 years helping business owners be more successful
• Owned and operated five businesses of my own
• Record of successful start-ups, turnarounds and expansions
• Adjunct Business Professor at the University and College level
• Creating and coordinating several ”Lunch & Learn” workshop programs
• Developed and taught several “Entrepreneur’s Academies”
• Volunteer and educator of the year for the local SCORE chapter
• Selected to the Business Advocate Hall of Fame

I like to have fun and most always do

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