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Ed Talks Business

I Like to Help Business Owners Solve Problems so they

can Grow Their Businesses to Reach Their Financial

and Personal Goals.

Helping Your Business Grow Through
• Blogs on current business topics
• Speaking to interested groups
• One on One coaching sessions.

After 25 plus years helping businesses grow, I have a lot of experience to draw on and I am happy to share it with you. Take a few minutes to explore my website. 


Ed’s clients love him…

Gale West, DTM
VP of Education
North Port Toastmasters
Your Health and Speaking Coach

As a member of the North Port Area Chamber of Commerce, I have known Ed Davis as a professional coordinator and presenter of business workshops for several years. Ed has been the catalyst for the Small Business Lunch & Learn workshops, recruiting and introducing guest speakers as well as recruiting and promoting workshop sponsors. He also has been a presenter at these workshops. He uses humor, proven business techniques, and innovative ideas during his speaking presentations. Ed coordinated the successful 2019 Women In Business seminar in North Port, Florida. He regularly conducts The Entrepreneurial Academy which helps enterprising individuals launch new businesses. Ed also writes educational and informative articles for business owners. I’m excited to see Ed create a new career path teaching, coaching and mentoring business professionals. 

Bill Ginn, Owner
Presto Air
Sarasota County

I had never run a business before. I was at a point where I had done everything I could to get the business where I wanted it and decided I needed some outside help to take the business to the next level. That’s when I asked Ed to step in and take a look. Ed did an in-depth assessment of the business to find what was going right and where things could improve. When Ed presented the results of his assessment I was surprised and pleased at what he found. Things weren’t nearly as bad as I thought. Following Ed’s recommendations I was able to rise above the day to day and look at the operations and long-term goals. This business really does go by the weather and there are a lot of peaks and valleys, but when you have a solid budget you can see the direction you’re headed; you can see past the small bumps in the road. Thanks to Ed’s help my business continued to grow.

Ed and Robin Rinkewich

Travel Advisors
Dream Vacations

In 2018, Robin and I took and graduated from the Entrepreneurial Academy which was offered by the North Port Area Chamber of Commerce and was taught by Mr. Ed Davis. This course really opened our eyes to what it really takes to start a business and to be successful at it. Mr. Davis has had several successful business ventures and shared with us the successes and pitfalls that most businesses encounter. We both looked forward to each week’s class because of Ed’s charming wit and humor which made learning a pleasure.